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Crown and bridge

Putting crownon demaged tooth, putting crown for aesthetic purpose and replacing mission teeth by putting bridge is one of the finest way in prosthetic dentistry.we at our hospital use best quality crown and bridge system including ceramic,cad-cam , zirconia then give service dor years and years.

Oral surgery

We do management of fracture of jaw,third molar surgeries,cyst surgery all major and minor surgeries related to teeth,mucosa,lips and face under absolute sterilization protocol

Orthodontics treatment

Management of irregular placed teeth, protruded facial profile, spacing between teeth, midline diastma, crowding , smile improvement etc. are done at hospital by experienced specialist doctors.

Periodontal treatment

Bleeding gums, swollen gums,dark pigmented gums, ugly smiles, gummy smiles, bone grafting surgeries, scaling and polishing all the above treatment are done at our hospital , mahwa with extreme care and comfort . That gives immediate relief to our patients.

Children dentistry

Rampant caries in kids, milk teeth decay, thumb sucking habit management, flouride application foe caries prevention are done at hospital ,mahwa with real comfort for kids.

Restorative dentistry

We at our hospital provide Tooth coloured composite restoration, vennering, inicial stage caries management , cervical abrasion restorations.

Implant dentistry

Replacing mission teeth with implants, fixed dentures, full mouth rehabilitation with durable and good looking facial profile are done at hospital mahwa .

Painless RCTs

Using Latest Trends and Technologies we are able to deliver Painless RCTs , Single Sitting RCTs using ROTARYs, Apex Locator And other technologies improving the prognosis

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